Thursday, January 17, 2008

NEW BOOKS, NEW CONTRACT, Everything's new but me! This new 2008 has started busy if not profitable (royaltywise ) I'm still squeezing ink cartridges out of the grocery list more times than than not but I'm still writing. I'm taking my DH husband's advice and writing because I like to write. I miss him something terrible but I can see how right he was about a lot of things.

Though I had two books come out in 2007: RECIPE FOR TROUBLE (cozy mystery); SPANISH EYES (romance-suspense)I will have none coming out in 2008. I'm pleased about my contract with Zumaya Publications for the entire Maryvale series though. This is for the two already in print to be published again by them (TR); the TR of the hardback mentioned above; and a new Maryvale mystery each year as long as I can see the monitor. Then I received a contract for a hardback of STRANGER IN PARADISE, a romance suspense and have already spent the small advance on riotous living (groceries and bills :-)) I've also sent out a cozy mystery which is now being read by the hardback publisher, and have sent two novels to an audio publisher to read.

All this boils down to: STRANGER IN PARADISE (romance-suspense) will be out Feb. of 2009. The first Maryvale cozy mystery will be out in June or July of 2009. I'm hoping to hear the hardback publisher also wants my new MS (cozy mystery) I sent him sometime during 2009 plus I'm also hoping to hear that the audio publisher likes one or both of the novels I sent to them. So I'm sure Jim and my fellow writers (local and e-mail) will approve that I'm working.:-)

All the above except the ones which have not been scheduled yet (STRANGER IN PARADISE is 'in the works' ) are up on Amazon. You can also go to and see a page for each of my books. Please feel free to write coments or ask questions, I love to hear from readers and fellow writers. All you have to do is Google Jackie Griffey's Books to go directly to my page and this blog -which I'm going to do my best to keep current (my only resolution for 2008 besides to keep writing which I always make :-))

Gotta get back to work (I'm working on another Maryvale mystery). Break's over!


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