Monday, August 25, 2008

Hi and happy August! August here in Arkansas is usually hot-hot-hot but not this year. We've had some really great weather, cool breezes, and plenty of rain without any really, really bad storms. Checking with family in Florida, all of them are all right and no homes damaged by Faye so we're grateful for that. My sister-in-law I talked to recently lives on an island out from St. Augustine. Can you imagine if instead of going into a storm cellar or safe room as we do here, you are braced for an annuncement to evacuate the island because they are closing the bridges? I think I'll just stay right here in Arkansas. :-)

Beteen those few breaks to enjoy the good weather I've been busy working. My two 2007 books from Five Star: Spanish Eyes (HC romance-suspense-LP scheduled for Nov. 2008); and Recipe For Trouble (HC a cozy mystery) are being gobbled up by libraries (Halleluyah! :-). Also Spanish Eyes (HC romance-supspense) will be out in March, 2009. All of them are from Five Star. Plus all that editing, ancillary material and general eye strain, I've just sent back a signed contract for Dead on Arrival (HC cozy mystery, the first of a new series-schedule TBA :-))

I like to write (almost) as much as I like to read but haven't had as mich time to read as I'd like lately, and still haven't made any money! I'm still squeezing ink cartridges out of the grocery list. I'm one of those 'successful, published' writers who is still broke as the Ten Commandments. I'll clue you in more on that later (if anyone wants to hear it - it may broaden your education - ha!) and tell you what to expect and what to look for, depending on what you want for your precious little Word Child.

Break's over!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hello, I hope I'm not talking to myself - ha! I apologize for the long time between blogs. I've been busier than a cat on roller skates. The publishing and writing business is mostly a waiting game - hurry up and wait! Then after you get a contract, get all the editing and ancillary work done, hopefully get some blerbs and a suitable picture if they need one, there's another long wait. One of my favorite publishers has another wait on top of all that. They wait about a year to see how the book is going to sell before they go on and accept another one you've sent them. Right now, it looks like I just go on and send things in to keep from losing it on this desk. Fortunately the monitor is tall enough on that top shelf that I can tell where it is - ha!

After all that I guess you wonder what I've accomplished (me too, believe me!) Got lots of bad news while I was spinning my wheels too, it's a mistake to stop and think about that, soldier on if you're having the same difficulty. The worst disappointment was neither of the two books I entered in a contest trying to get an award for one of them, neither even got into the finals. (Sigh...) I got a royalty statement on two others which was so little I have to wait till next statement to get it. (Sigh, again) And I still haven't heard from the publisher I sent two cozy mysteries. Not that I don't have enough to worry about, but I worry that if this publisher likes the second cozy but not the first one, should I say 'no thanks?" I just don't think I'm physically able to do that!!!! But if he likes the second one but doesen't want the first one, will I ever be able to sell it?

Jeeze, where is Ann Landers when you need her. I know she practically died at her desk, bless her heart. She's earned her rest. (And I'll bet she'd just pull up her socks and keep working - that's what I'm going to do too.)

I've sent two books to an audio publisher, so I've still got some hopes. If they like the two or even one of the books I sent it will be a first for me. (I'm typing with my fingers crossed-:-))

On the sunny side of all that, my grown children and I are in good health, working, and looking forward to the Fourth of July tomorrow. Happy Birthday, USA!
Break's over,

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

LARGE PRINT! Good news, friends! Just got word a few days ago my new hardback book with Five Star (SPANISH EYES - a romance-suspense) will be available mid-November, 2008 in large print. It's timely with love, romance, humor and suspense and got a really nice review from Booklist. I'm thrilled and doing the happy dance around my chair. This came out in September, 2008 and already (in Dec.) has thirteen pages of libraries who have it available now. The other hardback which came out in May of 2008 is a cozy mystery and I have a new romance-suspense coming out from Five Star in February of 2009. Drop by my page (there's a page for each book) and please leave a note on my guest book if you visit the page or a comment if you visit my blog. I'd love to hear from you. Readng was my first love before I started writing and one of the best things I've discovered now that I'm writing, is meeting other writers and readers and getting acquainted. I will try to blog more often and look forward to hearing from readers and fellow writers.
Break's over!:-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lion or Lamb? Here we are in the second week in March and (I guess?) it came in like a lion. It blew its freezing breath on us and dumped three-four inches of snow to show us winter isn't dead yet! That's unusual even in February for Arkansas but Arkansas is famous for unusual things. I think the 'weather man' assigned to us up there on cloud nine or wherever - is about as independant as a cat on roller skates.

Fortunately our family survived with financial instead of physical hurts and we've changed our gas system to electric central heat. Whether this is as good for the environment and us as we keep hearing or not remains to be seen.(Wish us luck :-))

My writing is keeping me busy and saving my sanity. I had two books come out in 2007: RECIPE FOR TROUBLE, cozy mystery, hardback in May; and SPANISH EYES, romance-suspense, hardback in September. Also, I learned from the publishers digest where we writers can talk to each other - a place where I can type in my novel title and see what libraries have my book. Neat, huh? :-) And surprise!!!! There were thirteen (13!) pages of them which have bought my book-and it only came out in September! I'm dancing around my chair between sentences.

I'm looking past my computer at my lonesome yard swing. The snow has melted but the trees are bare with only a few green blades of grass trying to catch the sunshine. I'm picturing myself sitting there with a cup of coffee later, or maybe a good cozy mystery...

Break's over! :-)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy February-everyone got their resolutions taken care of or at least got a good start? I fall into the second category. Got a good start. This doesn't necessarily mean I did good, just made a dent in what I set out to do. I sent the two novels to the audio place; entered my screenplay in the Film Festival Contest; and also sent my two books off to seek an award in two categories.

I've aleady heard from the audio place. :-( They turned down both books. I asked why (which I got the feeling was a no-no-, but they did answer.). They said they were 'not suitable for audio.' Went on to explain because a book was good it didn't mean it was suitable for audio. They named a famous writer and said his were not suitable for audio either. (So why don't I feel better? LOL?)

Anyway, I still have hopes for the script and the two novels and I'm joining a new group of writers which looks interesting.

I live in Arkansas and we've had some horrendous tornado-wind damage weather this week. All of us (our family) and friends are safe with minimum roof and small limbs damage. Help is on the scene and more on the way for all the storms victims and survivors.

I'm trying to figure out how to get a Short URL for each of my books in print that will take the reader directly to my book on Amazon - any help or directions will be greatley appreciated. Also, comments and news from readers and fellow writers. Thank you for your prayers and comment, Brenda.

Break's over!:-)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Resolved: In 2008 I'm going to get at least one novel finished; send out two novels to compete in an award contest; maybe send another novel to an audio publisher; send a script to a screenwriting contest; and pray a lot some of these things will get an honorable mention or give some readers at least a little pleasure as reading other people's books has given me; squeeze enough money out of the grocery list to pay my dues in two writers groups; and of course write; write; write; and find time to read some while I'm at it.

There haven't been many comments to my post, I hope someone is enjoying them and seeng my struggles and attempts helps them with problems of their own. If there is anyone out there who's afraid she's (or he's) making a mistake or afraid to continue with a project, feel free to ask me about it. I've been hoping there's some kind of award for Dumb Questions and Hindsight Wisdom - I'd be a shoo-in! You'd have to really work hard 24/7 to find a mistake I haven't made before you, so go ahead and ask. I'll be happy to share or give you a warning if it's something I've done then thought better of for some reason.

Being a reader a (very) long time before I was a writer, I really appreciate the authors who have written all the good books I've enjoyed and would be glad to hear from readers, writers, or someone who is thinking of writing a novel. The main thing is to get started. You can always rewrite or proof, but you have to have something to work with first.

Good luck on all your resolutions for a great 2008!
Break's over!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

NEW BOOKS, NEW CONTRACT, Everything's new but me! This new 2008 has started busy if not profitable (royaltywise ) I'm still squeezing ink cartridges out of the grocery list more times than than not but I'm still writing. I'm taking my DH husband's advice and writing because I like to write. I miss him something terrible but I can see how right he was about a lot of things.

Though I had two books come out in 2007: RECIPE FOR TROUBLE (cozy mystery); SPANISH EYES (romance-suspense)I will have none coming out in 2008. I'm pleased about my contract with Zumaya Publications for the entire Maryvale series though. This is for the two already in print to be published again by them (TR); the TR of the hardback mentioned above; and a new Maryvale mystery each year as long as I can see the monitor. Then I received a contract for a hardback of STRANGER IN PARADISE, a romance suspense and have already spent the small advance on riotous living (groceries and bills :-)) I've also sent out a cozy mystery which is now being read by the hardback publisher, and have sent two novels to an audio publisher to read.

All this boils down to: STRANGER IN PARADISE (romance-suspense) will be out Feb. of 2009. The first Maryvale cozy mystery will be out in June or July of 2009. I'm hoping to hear the hardback publisher also wants my new MS (cozy mystery) I sent him sometime during 2009 plus I'm also hoping to hear that the audio publisher likes one or both of the novels I sent to them. So I'm sure Jim and my fellow writers (local and e-mail) will approve that I'm working.:-)

All the above except the ones which have not been scheduled yet (STRANGER IN PARADISE is 'in the works' ) are up on Amazon. You can also go to and see a page for each of my books. Please feel free to write coments or ask questions, I love to hear from readers and fellow writers. All you have to do is Google Jackie Griffey's Books to go directly to my page and this blog -which I'm going to do my best to keep current (my only resolution for 2008 besides to keep writing which I always make :-))

Gotta get back to work (I'm working on another Maryvale mystery). Break's over!