Thursday, January 24, 2008

Resolved: In 2008 I'm going to get at least one novel finished; send out two novels to compete in an award contest; maybe send another novel to an audio publisher; send a script to a screenwriting contest; and pray a lot some of these things will get an honorable mention or give some readers at least a little pleasure as reading other people's books has given me; squeeze enough money out of the grocery list to pay my dues in two writers groups; and of course write; write; write; and find time to read some while I'm at it.

There haven't been many comments to my post, I hope someone is enjoying them and seeng my struggles and attempts helps them with problems of their own. If there is anyone out there who's afraid she's (or he's) making a mistake or afraid to continue with a project, feel free to ask me about it. I've been hoping there's some kind of award for Dumb Questions and Hindsight Wisdom - I'd be a shoo-in! You'd have to really work hard 24/7 to find a mistake I haven't made before you, so go ahead and ask. I'll be happy to share or give you a warning if it's something I've done then thought better of for some reason.

Being a reader a (very) long time before I was a writer, I really appreciate the authors who have written all the good books I've enjoyed and would be glad to hear from readers, writers, or someone who is thinking of writing a novel. The main thing is to get started. You can always rewrite or proof, but you have to have something to work with first.

Good luck on all your resolutions for a great 2008!
Break's over!


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