Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy February-everyone got their resolutions taken care of or at least got a good start? I fall into the second category. Got a good start. This doesn't necessarily mean I did good, just made a dent in what I set out to do. I sent the two novels to the audio place; entered my screenplay in the Film Festival Contest; and also sent my two books off to seek an award in two categories.

I've aleady heard from the audio place. :-( They turned down both books. I asked why (which I got the feeling was a no-no-, but they did answer.). They said they were 'not suitable for audio.' Went on to explain because a book was good it didn't mean it was suitable for audio. They named a famous writer and said his were not suitable for audio either. (So why don't I feel better? LOL?)

Anyway, I still have hopes for the script and the two novels and I'm joining a new group of writers which looks interesting.

I live in Arkansas and we've had some horrendous tornado-wind damage weather this week. All of us (our family) and friends are safe with minimum roof and small limbs damage. Help is on the scene and more on the way for all the storms victims and survivors.

I'm trying to figure out how to get a Short URL for each of my books in print that will take the reader directly to my book on Amazon - any help or directions will be greatley appreciated. Also, comments and news from readers and fellow writers. Thank you for your prayers and comment, Brenda.

Break's over!:-)


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