Tuesday, April 01, 2008

LARGE PRINT! Good news, friends! Just got word a few days ago my new hardback book with Five Star (SPANISH EYES - a romance-suspense) will be available mid-November, 2008 in large print. It's timely with love, romance, humor and suspense and got a really nice review from Booklist. I'm thrilled and doing the happy dance around my chair. This came out in September, 2008 and already (in Dec.) has thirteen pages of libraries who have it available now. The other hardback which came out in May of 2008 is a cozy mystery and I have a new romance-suspense coming out from Five Star in February of 2009. Drop by my page (there's a page for each book) and please leave a note on my guest book if you visit the page or a comment if you visit my blog. I'd love to hear from you. Readng was my first love before I started writing and one of the best things I've discovered now that I'm writing, is meeting other writers and readers and getting acquainted. I will try to blog more often and look forward to hearing from readers and fellow writers.
Break's over!:-)


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