Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Local book sales are up! Unless a writer is famous and on the best seller list these days, selling one's books is more like a 'cottage industry' than anything else. The main and most wonderful thing I've got to date, is people like my books - and tell me about it! :-) The people in my hometown who have standing orders for my next book has grown (from three to five :-), plus the occasional sales. I told you it's a cottage industry. LOL) With the first of my Maryvale series, THE DEVIL IN MARYVALE alrady out, on the net and Amazon, (and The Group has already read it!), and all five of The Group has already bought THE NELSON SCANDAL before Amazon.com even has it posted, I'm sitting here grinning like a cat full of cream. On top of that, the third cozy of the series, RECIPE FOR TROUBLE, has a contract for a hardback tucked into its file. Its scheduled for May of 2007, along with a romance-suspense novel titled SPANISH EYES.

My husband and I went to visit his brother in St. Augusting, FL three weeks ago and we stopped by by New Orleans to do a little research I need for the next Maryvale cozy mystery. (I wanted to be sure Cafe du Monde was open when I sent my characters down there - it was :-))

If anyone reading this is thinking of writing a book - any book or article - any genre, the thing to do is: TA - DAH! SIT DOWN AND START WRITING. You can fix, change, proof, and rewrite to your (or an editor's) heart's content - but first, you have to have something to work on. This is the precious, golden, sought after secret, sibs - write! (It's as simple as that, good luck :-))

Break's over!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

THE NELSON SCANDAL is now out and will be up on Amazon soon if it's not already there
(I haven't got around to checking) I'm just glad it's out. There was some kind of problem the publisher had with the printer (I doubt if I'd understand what, even if they explained it to me, which they didn't), so I'm just glad it's available now. THE NELSON SCANDAL is the second in my Maryvale series that takes place in rural TN up above Memphis and Nashville (I poured over the map for days as I wrote it : - )). Sheriff Cas Larkin has two homicides on his hands when his wife, Connie, encounters classic haunting conditions in the county library basement - (talk about a cold case- LOL). Pursuing hot clues and cold paper trails, Cas and his matchmaking wife, Connie, investigate four murders, two of them more than a hundred years old. Go check it out on Amazon or my page (please!!!)
More soon, break's over!