Friday, November 25, 2005

I'm a Thanksgiving Survivor! It's all done but the creative handling of leftovers - a good way to practice for Christmas and look at the space left for more. I figure I can coast for two more days without having to cook since everybody seems to have brought home his or her favorite snack weakness from the grocery store. And I can resist temptation with my 'good enough to make Starbucks jealous' lattes. Here is the recipe for anyone who is dieting, diabetic, or just watchin' what you eat:


1 (generous) tsp. of sugar-free hot chocolate mix
Stir into 2/3 cup of HOT coffee
1 or two generous tsps. of sugar free ice cream
Stir enough to get the flavor all through with some left on top
Optional: Add Cool Whip if you want it

The only calories in it are from the sugar free ice cream - and there's no sugar at all - enjoy!

That old saying that there aren't any calories in any of the feasting during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays doesn't hold true if you're over thirty. You'll be wearing that extra piece of sweet potato pie and the dressing with the rich gravy on your hips till Easter if you don't watch it.

Some things we can do to escape temptation are: (1) Freeze leftovers so you won't keep on overeating like the little old gramma who got fat from shame. (Shame to throw this out - shame to throw that out - you know how it goes).

(2) Serve low calorie foods like lean turkey breast, no dressing, no desserts, (no profanity - and hope you don't get voted out of the family.)

(3) Go to a friend or relative's house and blame your calorie splurge on them.

(4) Tell everybody you are eating all this good Thanksgiving stuff and stuffing yourself at Christmas so you'll have some goals for New Year's resolutions. The rest of your company wll be too busy eating to doubt your word.

(5) Package a lot up to go home with grown children. (This is the most popular one).

Of course, older 'empty nest' couples could just eat out Thankgiving. There would be no tempting left overs, but in my opinion there wouldn't be anything to be thankful for either. I like the scents, excitement, and the food too. I vote to keep the kids and coulnt the calories. Enjoy!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Hallelujah, my computer's home from the shop! I hope there are still some people cheking in to see if I'm back and what's new. It's great to have this little metal monster back and be able to work again. What's new is a new hard drive.

Of course there are some little bugs to work out, like:
(1) My two e-mail IDs are mixed up.
(2) The address book on one of them has disappeared into cyberspace.
(3) The other e-mail won't send mail.
(4) I can't get on the internet.
(5) The blamed thing still needs to go to charm school. It's blunt, hateful, and knows darn well you can't argue with a machine.

Other than those little problems (which I've got solved all except getting the addresses back) everything's ready to get back to workin' and bloggin and havin' fun. Break's over!