Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hello, I hope I'm not talking to myself - ha! I apologize for the long time between blogs. I've been busier than a cat on roller skates. The publishing and writing business is mostly a waiting game - hurry up and wait! Then after you get a contract, get all the editing and ancillary work done, hopefully get some blerbs and a suitable picture if they need one, there's another long wait. One of my favorite publishers has another wait on top of all that. They wait about a year to see how the book is going to sell before they go on and accept another one you've sent them. Right now, it looks like I just go on and send things in to keep from losing it on this desk. Fortunately the monitor is tall enough on that top shelf that I can tell where it is - ha!

After all that I guess you wonder what I've accomplished (me too, believe me!) Got lots of bad news while I was spinning my wheels too, it's a mistake to stop and think about that, soldier on if you're having the same difficulty. The worst disappointment was neither of the two books I entered in a contest trying to get an award for one of them, neither even got into the finals. (Sigh...) I got a royalty statement on two others which was so little I have to wait till next statement to get it. (Sigh, again) And I still haven't heard from the publisher I sent two cozy mysteries. Not that I don't have enough to worry about, but I worry that if this publisher likes the second cozy but not the first one, should I say 'no thanks?" I just don't think I'm physically able to do that!!!! But if he likes the second one but doesen't want the first one, will I ever be able to sell it?

Jeeze, where is Ann Landers when you need her. I know she practically died at her desk, bless her heart. She's earned her rest. (And I'll bet she'd just pull up her socks and keep working - that's what I'm going to do too.)

I've sent two books to an audio publisher, so I've still got some hopes. If they like the two or even one of the books I sent it will be a first for me. (I'm typing with my fingers crossed-:-))

On the sunny side of all that, my grown children and I are in good health, working, and looking forward to the Fourth of July tomorrow. Happy Birthday, USA!
Break's over,