Monday, August 25, 2008

Hi and happy August! August here in Arkansas is usually hot-hot-hot but not this year. We've had some really great weather, cool breezes, and plenty of rain without any really, really bad storms. Checking with family in Florida, all of them are all right and no homes damaged by Faye so we're grateful for that. My sister-in-law I talked to recently lives on an island out from St. Augustine. Can you imagine if instead of going into a storm cellar or safe room as we do here, you are braced for an annuncement to evacuate the island because they are closing the bridges? I think I'll just stay right here in Arkansas. :-)

Beteen those few breaks to enjoy the good weather I've been busy working. My two 2007 books from Five Star: Spanish Eyes (HC romance-suspense-LP scheduled for Nov. 2008); and Recipe For Trouble (HC a cozy mystery) are being gobbled up by libraries (Halleluyah! :-). Also Spanish Eyes (HC romance-supspense) will be out in March, 2009. All of them are from Five Star. Plus all that editing, ancillary material and general eye strain, I've just sent back a signed contract for Dead on Arrival (HC cozy mystery, the first of a new series-schedule TBA :-))

I like to write (almost) as much as I like to read but haven't had as mich time to read as I'd like lately, and still haven't made any money! I'm still squeezing ink cartridges out of the grocery list. I'm one of those 'successful, published' writers who is still broke as the Ten Commandments. I'll clue you in more on that later (if anyone wants to hear it - it may broaden your education - ha!) and tell you what to expect and what to look for, depending on what you want for your precious little Word Child.

Break's over!