Wednesday, January 25, 2006

2006 is off to a good start. The second of my Maryvale series, THE NELSON SCANDAL is 'in the works' and hopefully will be out soon. Also, I've got a contract in the mail from another publisher for the third in the Maryvale series, RECIPE FOR TROUBLE. Please watch for both, they will be on the net from to Wal-Mart.
The sisters and brothers of Sisters in Crime are getting out good mysteries to keep us entertained in 2006 too, the interviews and new things coming out are exciting.
There's good news at my local writing group too. The North Little Rock Times is sendng a photographer to our next meeting (January 28) to take pictures and do a write-up on our group. We're pleased and excited about that and also about a possible new member who wrote for information and may show up at our next meeting too.
Still haven't heard from the Recycling Humanity reading script, but I've done all I can do except pray (and I'm definitely doing that : - )). Two producers and a literary agency are looking at it.
In the meantime, our next meeting is this Saturday. I've done my 'homework' - got my hair cut, and am really looking forward to it. Anyone in the LIttle Rock area or even close (our meetings are only once a month) please feel free to join us. We have poets, essayests, columnists, published and unpublished authors in all genres (except erotica) and you'll be welcomed with open arms.
Break's over!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

2006 resolutions should be a snap! Anyone who is tough enough and optimistic enough to have made it through 2005 is a shoo-in to make good resolutions and keep them. I sure don't have to be bothered about impulse buying in the coming year, being financially challenged as most of us are (translated that means 'broke as the Ten Commandments.') Not having any money really cuts down on the temptations. Don't have to worry about buying anything new to be decently covered either since I lost weight instead of gaining over the holidays. Diabetes II swept away my 'visions of sugar plums' - they're plumb gone is what they are. Necessity being the mother of invention, however, I invented myself a sugar free latte that's good and has (so far) kept me from attacking company and grabbing a bite of their dessert. If you didn't see the recipe when I posted it, let me know and I'll post it again or send it to you.

Well, there goes any shopping or dieting problems and since I don't smoke, there's not much left except to keep working. Unless of course, you want to count gambling. I guess I'll still gamble, everyone does. If you've ever married, ever had children, even in some cases, got out of bed this morning, you're a gambler. Everyone alive is.

Looking back on 2005 it's obvious the Griffey family had a whole series of miracles that helped us get through 2005. In fact, looking back at those miracles (and having been born optimist to the bone) I have started the year by betting a little less than a hundred dollars on myself across the board to win. I paid all the dues for the writing groups I'm in and am back on my writing schedule just as if my writing is as good as it is fun to do and the economy wasn't in the toilet with no one (including me) able to afford to buy all the books they want.

If I'm wrong and 2006 is even worse than 2005 - heck, maybe I can sell the movie rights?! : - ) I've promised the local people who enjoy my books that I'll write as long as I can see the monitor, so check from to Wal-Mart and at for announcements (or just type Jackie Griffey's Books in your Yahoo search: mysteries, romances, humor... Happy New Year!
Break's over!