Wednesday, June 20, 2007

GOOD NEWS! Friends, my Maryvale series has a home! I've just sent back a signed contract for: THE DEVIL IN MARYVALE; THE NELSON SCANDAL; and the TR for the (hardback just out this past month) third, RECIPE FOR TROUBLE.

The contract also includes the new Maryvale I'm working on now (thumbnail will follow in another post) and for a Maryvale mystery each year.

I'm thrilled to have them all in the same place at last - with the provision I can still send other things other places, no problem there.

Anyone who is interested, Vista is now having one of its card sales - 250 cards (which you can design yourself) for S&H only - about $5.95 - a few cents less than $6.00 - a good deal.

Anyone who wants to ask questions or tell me about his/her successes and new novels or other goodies, please leave a comment or e-mail me. I'd love to hear about them.

From the author who asks the question "Has my alligator mouth made promises my tadpole a--s can't keep? Tune in next week! :-) Break's overl!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaak!!! It's been a long time, hasn't it? First problem was - as usual - me. I had trouble with changing to my Google password; a few Microsoft problems (doesn't everybody??); and been busier than a cat on a hot, chiseled-in-stone publisher. My new cozy mystery, RECEIPE FOR TROUBLE is now out in hardback from Five Star Publishing and it's gorgeous. When you get tired of admiring it, read it, it's the third in the Maryvale series and all those characters are busy, busy, busy, too :-)

This one starts off with a bang - an explosinon in Mattie Carrington's home as she starts writing her second cookbook; puts up with her sister and her sister's boyfriend's hovering (which is about equal parts aggravation and comic relief); then when she rents a cabin on the lake to work in peace, someone poisons her. Then her cousin,Miss Minnie, a friend of Sheriff Cas Larkin and his wife Connie, is accused. Sounds like a recipe for truble, doesn't it? It is, that's the spot Cas is in, with Mattie in a coma; Minnie afraid for herself and Mattie; and the headline-hungry DA pressing for an arrest as Cas hunts for the would-be murderer.

Another book, a romance-suspense novel titled SPANISH EYES is scheduled for September, 2007. Watch for it - gotta go. Break's over (for now :-))