Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lion or Lamb? Here we are in the second week in March and (I guess?) it came in like a lion. It blew its freezing breath on us and dumped three-four inches of snow to show us winter isn't dead yet! That's unusual even in February for Arkansas but Arkansas is famous for unusual things. I think the 'weather man' assigned to us up there on cloud nine or wherever - is about as independant as a cat on roller skates.

Fortunately our family survived with financial instead of physical hurts and we've changed our gas system to electric central heat. Whether this is as good for the environment and us as we keep hearing or not remains to be seen.(Wish us luck :-))

My writing is keeping me busy and saving my sanity. I had two books come out in 2007: RECIPE FOR TROUBLE, cozy mystery, hardback in May; and SPANISH EYES, romance-suspense, hardback in September. Also, I learned from the publishers digest where we writers can talk to each other - a place where I can type in my novel title and see what libraries have my book. Neat, huh? :-) And surprise!!!! There were thirteen (13!) pages of them which have bought my book-and it only came out in September! I'm dancing around my chair between sentences.

I'm looking past my computer at my lonesome yard swing. The snow has melted but the trees are bare with only a few green blades of grass trying to catch the sunshine. I'm picturing myself sitting there with a cup of coffee later, or maybe a good cozy mystery...

Break's over! :-)