Saturday, June 17, 2006

OOPS! Correction: I put in a comma instead of a dot! : - ( Kelsy George's URL should be: (Sorry, Kelsy : - ))

Quick while I've got your attention (REALLY shameless BSP - he!he!he!) I went to the Arkansas Writers Conference June 2 & 3 and won a couple of prizes in their contests: third in Non-Fiction humor, and TA-DA! First in Screenwriting.

Naturally, this gave me delusions of grandeur and I'd like to find an agent who could maybe sell my reading script. The Guild doesn't list which agents will look at us unknowns or which are interested in mystery or horror. If anyone knows where to find such a list I'd sure like to know about it (just as soon as I get back down to the floor : - ))

Anyone who could use a chuckle to start the day on, scroll down to my blog on making bread - I was hard up for news and put one of my columns in that day.

All you wonderful, talented mystery writers keep writing. I was a reader a long time before I was a writer (Well, I AM - the jury's just still out on how good), and I appreciatcha!
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blog Tab BSP: I've changed the rules! I'm changing the Q & A format to a mention of some mystery writers I like who aren't on the NY Times Best Seller list(yet) but should be. Here they are, in alphabetical order with some of their books and where to get more inf. The * denotes copies I've got on my shelf at the moment. (I'd have *ed the ones on my TBR list but I'd wear out my *!!!LOL

ANDERSON, BETH: *Second Generation; Murder Online; Night Sounds:; and more at You've got to stop and visit with Hotclue...

BAKER, SUSAN P.: (newest one) Death of a Prince; *My First Murder (first of Mavis Davis series); and more at: Next Mavis Davis will be out the first of 2007.

BROWNING, PAT: Full Circle, a good read with more to come. The next adventure in Pearl will involve and old Chinese cemetery, for more inf. type Pat Browning in Search and go to her Authors Den page, blog spot and other interesting places. Watch for the announcement of her next book in the series, Winter Moon.

CRUSE: LONNIE: Murder in Metropolis (series); first of her new Fifty-Seven series will be out in early 2007 and sounds like 'speedy' good fun. Go to for more inf. (& fasten your seatbelts!)

FOERTMEYER, C. H.: Bewildered is just the tip of the iceberg, lots to choose from here. If you like ghosts and good reads, take your choice here

GEORGE, Kelsy: Blind Justice; Deja You; No Bull; and Kill a Painted Pony, and more, e-books too, go to www,

MARTIN, NANCY: *How to Murder a Millionaire and more hilarity with the Blackbird Sisters in this series (while you're browsing, check out the Lipstick Chronicles too.)

McGRAW, MARJA: *The Secrets of Holt House, and more from someone who really knows how to write a cozy - she started out with two of my favorite things, a big house old enough to be full of secret passages and (joy!) an estate sale! There's another cozy in the works, watch for it at

NOTE: will give you free S&H on orders of more than $25.00. I think it has to say the book you choose is eligible for this. I remember wondering if a used books were included in this offer. (It was!)

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blog Tag Answers: I'm going to change the rules after I give you my answers and give you a list of really good mystery and cozy writers you may not have discovered as yet. I'll put it on next as Tag Twist. For now, here are my answers:

Q. Name 4 movies you would watch over and over
The Sound of Music with Julie and all those wonderful songs
My Fair Lady with Audrey and more wonderful songs (I could have listened all night!)
Naughty Marietta (an oldie but a goodie & may perpetual light shine upon Nelson and Jeanette!)
Walt Disney's Pinnochio (yep, I still wish on stars)
Just about anything that's musical or funny...

Q. Name 4 places you have lived:
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Memphis, Tennessee
Redondo Beach, California
Cabot (near Little Rock), Arkansas (I'm home!)

Q. Name 4 TV shows you love to watch:
CSI Las Vegas
Ghost whisperer
(Loved Magnum PI and Murder She Wrote)

Q. Name 4 of your favorite foods:
Dark chocolate, good beef, ice cream, fresh fruit ('specially big, ripe, red Delicious Apples from Washington or Oregon.

Q. Name 4 web sites you visit daily:
My or a friend's web site
Both my e-mail identities
Anything I want to check out suggested in one of the digests or newsletters I take.
My local writing group's comments

Q. Name 4 places you would rather be right now.
None. I'm home. I like it here. It could use a little work though, anyone wanting to buy a book please check Amazon or type my name in Search - my info. is all over the net like a kitty looking for tuna! LOL

Please check next blog for the writers I told you about.
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