Monday, July 16, 2007

Dear readers: It's been a long, sad time since my last blog. My husband, Jim the Gem (:-) who called himself the mail room sometimes, bless him) passed away suddenly. It was an aneurism on the abdominal aorta and has left me and our family just stunned. We are taking one day at a time and managing and carrying on as he expects us to. He's at rest at Roselawn in Little Rock not far from where his mother and father are, with his grandmother up a small hill from him. My name is being lettered on the niche beside him. We would have been married sixty years Dec. 3, 2007 and we were enjoying life and each other and making plans right up until death parted us. Save any tears for those who haven't lived, or didn't have a wonderful soul mate like I did. I'm grateful for the life we had together.

Jim always told me, don't worry if you don't make any money (boy, is that a sign of the times :-) He said just "write because you want to." And that's what I'm going to do. About a month ago I got a contract from the publisher with whom I already have two books for the entire Maryvale series of cozy mysteries now in print: The Devil in Maryvale; The Nelson Scandal; Recipe for Trouble, which just came out in May, 2007 in hardback, for the TR; and another Maryvale each year for as long as I can see the monitor. :-)

There is also another hardback romance-suspense (Spanish Eyes) coming out in hardback in Sept., 2007 so do watch Amazon, the publishers pages, and my site for more news.

Thank you to all who got in touch and e-mailed me.

Break's over!